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November 25, 2008



This blog is a clear sign that the definition of "media" is changing before our eyes and that SAIC working hard to keep in step with the fluid times we live in. I look forward to adding this blog to my RSS reader and contributing to the community of Information Assurance/Security (IA/SEC) practitioners.

Shabir Ahmed Katoch

Nice to see that SAIC has come up with this public facing cybersecurity blog.It's good in the sense when our daily operations or business activites over internet are susceptible to cyber attacks if not secured properly.Moreover, given the rising number of stealth methods of cyber attacks like phishing,vhishing and DNS Spoofing there is the need of hour where industry experts and global business community share their solutions equipped with technologies to counter this growing menace.


Looking forward to reading more.


This is an exciting time for SAIC, Cyberspace, and the global community as a whole. Joining the blogsphere will undoubtedly open the doors for key issues in cyberspace to be addressed, discussed, as well as exchanged among key players in the Cyber community. Way to go SAIC!

Gunwant Singh

Really good idea to have a dedicated blog on Cyber Security. I look forward to learn and share information at the same time.


Paul Rebeles

The Myth of Cloud Computing
Why the rapid spread of virtual technology is becoming a security risk

Many companies are rushing to cloud computing to solve virtualization and DMZ complexity but they lack the understanding to properly secure systems in a dynamic cloud computing environment.

Paul Rebeles

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